Transparency and Professionalism at Tesla Romania

Transparency and Professionalism at Tesla Romania

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Started by G S

Tesla has a passionate group of fans in Romania, who are closely following Tesla's progress. Most of us have already ordered Tesla cars or are planning to do so.

However, there are major concerns and frustrations among us regarding the interactions with Tesla Romania, driving some of us to cancel our orders or to reconsider making one:

- Communication with Tesla Romania staff is very difficult or impossible: we cannot communicate via the official phone number, nor with Tesla advisers - phone / email are not being answered.

- No information is provided on our bookings, including when the estimated delivery times have long passed.

- Numerous bookings have been delayed due to paperwork not being taken care of, or due to blatant mistakes in the paperwork done by Tesla Romania staff. 

- Romanian financial incentives for EVs have been lost by some customers, due to major mistakes or lack of paperwork by Tesla Romania staff.

We are considering that Tesla Romania is damaging the Tesla brand value. 

To improve this situation we ask:

- Efficient and transparent communication between Tesla Romania and customers

- Professionalism in handling paperwork and Tesla bookings, to ensure the cars are received in timely fashion.

307 have signed. Let’s get to 500!