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Supermarkets to provide paper bags in place of plastic bags

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At present plastic bags are being sold in all supermarkets in the UK. Its known that the plastic bags that are thrown in our rubbish don't break down for years. This causes pollution to our lands and seas. We saw the introduction of a 5 pence charge for plastic bags. We even pay 10 pence for life time bags. I believe the majority of shoppers         ( including me) still continually buy plastic bags. This can be through forgetting to take them with you or just convenience. It seems the system to prevent and lower the use of plastic bags isn't working. In fact our daily news informs us of the thousands of tonnes of plastic still being dumped into our oceans. This causes devastation to marine life and our environment.

Did you know that tiny particles of plastic are ate by fish. We later catch the fish and eat them. So in actual fact we are eating tiny particles of plastic. Just think of how harmful this is. We are all affected by this crisis in some way.

So how can this be stopped. Simply by signing this petition so that our supermarkets provide paper bags. They could cover their costs with a similar minimum charge. Plastic bags should still be available, however the smaller plastic bags should now carry a fee of 50p and the bags for life should cost £1. This way reaching for a plastic bag will be a last resort for all of us. This will hopefully be backed by our supermarkets and government. That way we can stop a large portion of the plastic pollution.

Thank you. Now pass the word and share to as many people you know.

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