Reject the Petition for a Ban on Palm oil by Supermarkets and on Central bank notes

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Palm oil is a staple food and a source of income for many developing nations of Africa and Asia. For many of these developing countries, 'Palm oil production provides employment opportunities, and has been shown to improve infrastructure, social services and reduce poverty'. It serves as an source of food for many of the poorest peoples of the world and can be used as a substitute for various forms of fats including those from animals and hence plays some roles in preserving wild life.

Palm oil is also used for making soaps and creams and so very useful in ways more than one.

There has been campaign by some people in developed nations to make the poor nations of the world pay for their selfish exploitation of the environment. The massive industrialization and deforestation by the west is heaped as a form of punishment on the developing and under-developed nations of the world and the advocacy to ban the use of palm oil by supermarkets and banks is another form of punishment indirectly meted out.

Palm oil is a source of income for many poor farmers from under-developed and developing nations. The ban on the use of palm oil will affect the lives and survival of many people in these parts of the world. Families will not be able to feed as they can neither sell nor export their palm produce and oil. The level of poverty in these poor nations will increase and they may be forced to pay for the 'sins' of the developed nations.

Banning of palm oil will not in any way help the environment. There are lots of trees in the nations where Palm oil are produced and deforestation is not an issue in these places. The harvesting of palms from which the oil is extracted does not involve cutting down the palm tree. Rather it is through the process of pruning the palm trees that the palm is harvested and the oil extracted.

Let us reject the advocacy to ban palm oil as the disadvantage of that outweighs what the petitioners call the benefits even though the 'benefits' being mentioned are not correctly represented.

Let us save the poor people of the world. Let us not punish them for the sins of the others. Let us be fair in our advocacy in saving the earth.