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60% of Israeli dates are grown on illegal settlement plantations in the Jordan Valley. These plantations were seized from Palestinian families that had cultivated them for generations. Palestinian adults and commonly children are used as cheap labour to pick the dates
In 2011, Israel's profited $265 million from the sale of dates and their export was up by 20% in 2012. Tesco claims "We use our scale for good. Tesco is now a large company, touching millions of people's lives every day. This scale gives us an opportunity to make a positive difference to some of the biggest challenges facing the world. We've set three big ambitions in areas where we can make a real contribution and create value for society as a whole." Supporting Israel's illegal settlements does not reflect Tesco's so-called values

Letter to
Customer Services, Tesco PLC Head of Corporate Responsibilty
Stop buying dates from the Israel Settlements in Palestine