Pensioners with dementia ripped off by Tesco Mobile. Help us get a refund of £000'S.

Pensioners with dementia ripped off by Tesco Mobile. Help us get a refund of £000'S.

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Mr Donald Mathieson is an 86 year old severly disabled pensioner with hearing loss from military service and the onset of Alzheimers.  His wife is 85 with Dementia and sight loss and she also has heart failure. They have a they need a mobile phone for emergencies.  A recent review their finances following diagnosis of memory loss shockingly revealed that Tesco Mobile have been charging them an average of £150/£170 per month for a mobile phone contract instead of £22.50 because they left internet on.  Why?  They are old with failing heath and often do not know any better! They have been overcharged over £3000 over 3 years of a mobile phone contract so far.  Tesco Mobile - despite representations - are refusing to refund even part of the overcharges as a gesture of goodwill thus leaving this elderly couple with financial hardship.  Tesco's slogan is ''every little helps''. Every little helps for these old pensioners too.

So Tesco so it is time to cough up given your recent group profits of £1,644million.

How many other old people are in this situation and do not know it? This is a public interest matter.  Tesco Management have given their final reply:

''I am sorry to advise, our position in not refunding the additional charges you have incurred on the safety buffer and data bundles remains unchanged and this is our final position. If you remain unhappy, we will review your complaint again, if the outcome changes, we will contact you again with the resolution. If the outcome does not change, we will issue you a letter containing our final position which you may then take to the Ombudsman Service. If you would like us to arrange this for you please let us know.''

These pensioners who have spent thousands over the years in Tesco now they find themselves ripped off by Tesco Mobile leaving them with financial hardship.  We want the big bosses at Tesco to think again and for Tesco to do the right thing.  Can you help us by signing this petition.  Please sign and share we need 5000 signatures! Thank you.