Braille labels on all products

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I am wanting all company's to consider making a start in putting Braille labels on their products which will help blind and partially sighted people identify their products which would include toiletries and food packaging for example without a braille label how would we know whether we were using dog shampoo by mistake, this is why braille labels are so important and should be made law. I feel like as if Blind and partially sighted people should have as much right to access this world as a fully sighted person so adding Braille labels to more products will be a big step up and will aid us to do so. I also feel like in doing this it will help develop a Blind and partially sighted peoples independents. Braille has been around for years and it has not been used anywhere near as much as it should be! Braille was invented for Blind and partially sighted people so it should be used more to help us live our lives more independently as we possibly can. 

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We all are also wanting pump bottles to be become more available as blind and partially sighted people find them easier to use than a squeezy bottle. As we are less likely to drop the product as they help us to reduce waste . I understand that pumps are hard to recycle but surely there should be an easier way for them to be recycled or for them to be more eco friendly.