Ban Single-Use Plastic on Fruit & Veg in Tesco

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A recent report by The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Greenpeace concluded that out of the top 7 supermarkets in the UK, Tesco produces the most amount of single-use plastic overall - 261,204 tonnes per year. This is a staggering amount of plastic that shows no sign of reducing, even though the supermarket giant pledged to 'end the use of hard to recycle materials from our UK packaging by the end of 2019' and make its packaging fully recyclable by 2025. Sorry, but this is just not soon enough and it still doesn't solve the problem of plastic pollution or its effect on climate change. Plastics are made from fossil fuels, and the burning of fossil fuels is a major contributing factor in climate change.

Recycling is not the answer. We need to be reducing the amount of plastic we produce first - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. There is no need for plastic packaging on fruit and vegetables. Tesco's competitor M & S have already conducted trials on loose fruit and veg in their Tolworth store in London, so it can be done. Think back to the days when every town had a greengrocers  - there was no plastic then, and there doesn't have to be now.

I therefore urge Tesco to introduce a plastic-free fruit and veg section in their supermarkets immediately, and eliminate all single-use plastic well before their target of 2025. This small change will make a huge difference and hopefully encourage other supermarkets to follow in Tesco's footsteps.