TESCO and SAINSBURY’S: Penalise customers who misuse parent and baby parking spaces

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Dear Tesco and Sainsbury’s,

We, your loyal customers, are fed up of having our children put at risk by your inability to patrol your own carparks and financially penalise those childless motorists who repeatedly park in bays designated for parents.

These extra wide, close -to- store spaces are designed to accommodate parents with young children to enable them to SAFELY get children in and out of the car in what is a very high risk area.

The use of a parking bay in a privately owned car park is a matter of contract law, created by the signs in the car park. The terms on which certain bays can be used depends on the signage around the car park and how well they are placed.

Signs in your car parks state that there is a £70 fine for misuse of disabled/parent and child spaces. Yet your staff are completely oblivious to this fining system and unable to assist, and despite your protestations, there are NEVER any parking attendants patrolling to discuss the matter with. This lack of authority and support leaves parents to either drive away, or engage in nasty confrontation- hardly an option with children present, but one many of us have been forced to. 

These bays are restricted and effectively reserved for parents with children, therefore anyone else parking there should be receiving a penalty charge notice for parking without permission and being in breach of contract. Tesco and Sainsbury’s must make it crystal clear to drivers that this kind of misuse will not be tolerated by enforcing penalty charges every.single.time.

We are calling for better signage, carpark patrolling by TESCO and SAINSBURY’S so there is some degree of accountability (not a non-existent third party carpark company such as Horizon -which is your current ‘get out’ for doing nothing), strict fine issuing and a no-tolerance approach to dealing with these individuals.

Parents make up a huge proportion of your clientele, you should be looking after their interests, and more importantly- protecting the lives of their young children whilst they are on your grounds.


Annoyed parents




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