Tertiary Students of JA Appeal to Reduce Tuition 15-20% & Refund Miscellaneous/ Late Fees.

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The Jamaica Union of Tertiary Students (JUTS), representing the voice of Tertiary Students across Jamaica, is making an appeal based on the various levels of financial difficulties faced by Students as a result of COVID-19 effects on life as we know it. We laud institutions which have displayed initiative by implementing measures aimed at relieving students of some of the endured finacial strain. However, many institutions are yet to implement any such measures and the JUTS believes that there should be a reduction in fees charged and/or paid by all students during this time.

The JUTS posits that miscellaneous/ auxiliary fees and late fees paid need to be returned in part or in full to all tertiary students within the guidelines and policies for each institution.
We make this request on the following bases:

1. Students are no longer required to attend physical classes or labs. As such, facility management costs would have been reduced significantly. These include
-Electricity Costs
-Axillary Staff Costs and even
-Security Costs in some cases.

2. Given that students are no longer on physical campuses for institutions to carry out activities, these standard activities for which fees would have been allocated, can no longer occur.

3. Students are facing tremendous difficulties in accessing institutions' phone lines and emails due to overload in queries and reduction in administrative staff.

Fees remaining as is, is a injustice to students in this situation over which we have no control or direct influence.
It is important that we also consider the thousands of jobs lost, which makes it very difficult for individuals to make any form of payments on time or in full.

We are appealing to the universities to
1. Make a reduction in tuition by 15- 20%
2. Refund Miscellaneous/ auxiliary fees within the limitations of existing policies
3. Refund Late fees that students would have been mandated to pay.

Join us in this fight by signing this petition and sharing it with fellow students.

Stay Safe. Stay inside.