Musicians against noise Bi-law complaints during daytime hours in Niagara Region

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As a Musician and Band Member in the Niagara Region it is very disappointing to have Bi-Law Officers consistently come out to my single dwelling property for noise complaint infractions called in by a neighbor during the daytime hours. Musicians and Artists make a living at honing their skills by years and years of hard loyal practice and dedication so that society can enjoy seeing and listening to these musicians perform live.

The first time you get a verbal warning the second time you get a written warning and the third time it is a $300.00 fine for noise or should i say music being played in your own home that can barely be heard outside with the windows closed when the only Bi-Law stipulation enforced by officers is if you can faintly hear it outside its noise Period. The enforcement office does not use a Decibel meter or any metering device they take the word of the complainant and fine you calling it a nuisance and issue an order of non compliance and you must stop immediately or you are fined $300.00 keeping in mind you can be fined playing during daytime hours even if you rehearse one day a week.... for more information look at your city bi laws in your city , if you think this is wrong please sign this petition.