Ban Daniel Bonasera from New Era Field

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Daniel Bonasera is a menace to the Buffalo Bills. 

The Bills went undefeated at home this season until Dan decided to rear his ugly head at New Era Field for the recent Bills v Saints game. 

On Sunday, November 12th at 1:00 PM, Daniel Bonasera attended New Era Field to spectate the Bills - Saints game. Through a combination of voodoo and witchcraft that he refers to as "his existence", Dan cursed the Bills to be slaughtered with a devastating 47 - 10 loss. 

Coincidence? I think not. Dan did NOT attend any of the prior home games. Dan DID attend the game in which the Bills lost to the Saints. Dan was the only variable in this situation, and this was the first game he attended this season. His inclusion not only disappointed legions of fans, but also the entire city of Buffalo itself. 

As proud supporters of the Buffalo Bills, we have to get ahead of this situation while there's still time. This ban of Daniel Bonasera from New Era Field can save this season, and the poor hearts of the good people of Buffalo.