Stop the Injustice, Retaliation going on for 5 year against us and our children in FCPS.

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I am a mother of three children in Fairfax County Public Schools. We have faced serious issues and had major struggle in Fairfax County public schools for the last 5 years. School officials are retaliating against us and our children, especially after we filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of education twice in the last three years regarding very serious unethical issues which never got addressed but got all covered up. School officials have been actively and continuously working against our three daughters, there had been serious safety issues, bullying by adults, privacy issue, interference with teachers, retaliation, a continuous inauthentic score reporting, and using all kinds of different techniques so our children don't do well in school. Many know about this but no one stepped up to address this, because it is controlled by those in power.

Just to list the few issues:
Two years ago, July 2015, the principal at my child's elementary school issued me a no-tresspass letter, falsely accusing me of disruption because I went in to the office with another parent, and requested to inspect my children assessment scores from the system that the Pearson Inc. (testing company provided). She yelled at me the whole time for coming in and requesting this. I was completely shocked with her action but remained very calm and respectful. Twelve days later, I was shocked to receive a letter at my house which stated that I can't come to school without her permission ahead and listed all the serious consequences if I do, as that will be trespassing. Till this date I am not allowed to go to my child's school without a prior permission. I even spent so much money to get this letter rescinded, and the other major issues addressed, but all stayed with the power.

 I am a parent who used to volunteer at school for different events like field trips, class parties, hour of code etc. However this principal has falsely accused me of disruption and is painting a complete wrong picture of me just because there is a lot of mess that is needed to be covered, so she did not want me to come and inspect the records which I am entitled to by law. And she found issuing a no-trespass is the only way she can prevent me from doing so. With this letter on file, there were times that my child needed me, called me from school to come either because she needed me to drop of some items(e.g one day her eye glasses)  or she needed to be picked up, where I get completely stuck because I don't know what to tell her or what to do. So I call other parents seeking help to take care of my own daughter's business and ask for a favor. 

Yesterday was an open house for my rising 6th grade daughter.
After multiple email requests, I got the approval to attend the open house from the region's supervisor office, just about 25 minutes before the start time. When we were walking to class, the principal followed us and told us she needs to let the teacher know that we are here so she walked rushing in front of us. Both my husband and I were confused what was going on, but did not say anything as we did not want any scene or more false accusation.
Then she went into another class room instead and we just walked to the class. We did not do the other stuff like PTA membership and visit other information desk like the other parents which is usually done at the open house as both of us were made so uncomfortable and wanted to leave after we visit our child's class.
With this letter on file, I am already made uncomfortable going to the schools as I am not sure what other false accusations could happen. In an email exchange we had after I came back from the open house, in which I included every school board member and superintendent and the Region office, her  response was,
"It would be very helpful if you could provide more notice to the Region 4 office when you want to attend an event at -the school-. I only had about 30 minutes notice that you would be attending the open house before you arrived. I was meeting with parents for the kindergarten open house and new student orientation, and I did not have an opportunity to let the teachers know that you would be attending. I was on my way to the classroom when I saw you and your family in the hall. Because you have a no trespass letter, staff have been directed to call 911 if you are at -- school without permission. I needed to let the teachers know so that the police would not arrive.

My response:
This is new and very strange information. And I am surprised then how her teacher
did not call the police because you did not talk to him but you went to the other class instead. You are definitely portraying me as a threat and someone to be watched with no reason, a complete opposite picture of who I am , while the truth is that you don't want me to inspect my child's scores (same reason you issued me a no-tress pass letter with false accusation) which you have ignored the multiple requests I have made to receive her Pearson SOL reports , not sent to this date.

Both my husband and I are parents who have always been a good role model and sacrifice anything to provide the best for our children. We have raised our children setting the bar high, with high standards in character, values, and education same way we both were raised. 
Respect for self and others is a core value in our family. For the principal to portray me as a threat to keep me away from school with unjustified no trespass letter is absolutely an abuse of power, defamation, retaliation and harassment.

I truly believe the root cause of this whole mess is hate and the belief that some have that we have no voice and no right to protect our children because we are black and immigrants.
If we try to prevent the damage they are causing working actively against us and our children, the response is more retaliation because we did not meet the expectation that we just need to sit back and watch, and should not say a thing.
Even animals have the natural instinct to protect their offsprings but they could not comprehend the fact how a black immigrant family could advocate and fight for their children rights. As many have said, this fight is with the Giants but it is humanly impossible for me to just see all these injustice inflicted on my children. No child should go through anything like this.

No one from the leadership addresses this while clearly there are many things being done that are against the law.

I wrote an email to the superintendent and school board chair about the issues, requested a meeting but got no response.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as what we have been going through for the last five years is endless, a story one would read in a book or watch in a movie, and so hard to believe that those in power could do this in a school system, and no actions are taken to resolve any of these.

I have reached out to government officials, US department of education, governor's office, superintendents, school board, and no one is hearing to address this huge mess because all is controlled by powers. I have decided to make this finally public to stop this abuse, as I am left with no option.
Recently, I have been trying to reach the VA Governor directly but has been unsuccessful.

I have submitted online twice to the Governor's office and talked to some of the staff but could not get connected with him even though I made several attempts.

Those working actively against our children are doing everything to silence us, give us different labels, try to make us live in fear and continue the abuse. This is also happening to another family who faced similar issues and filed a complaint.

Not giving children what they deserve, not reporting true scores , interfering with teachers, their relationships and opportunities in and outside of school, actively working against them is an indirect form of serious bullying.

We need to stop and fight together injustice in the school system for every single child to be treated equally, fairly and supported encouraged to excel to their potential; for every parent to have a voice regardless of one's race, background, how much money and power one has, how connected one is ....

Please sign my petition so I can talk directly with the Governor VA, and this issue be addressed appropriately by the Governor's direction, that the school board and superintendent stand for the truth, justice, equality and fairness, stop this retaliation, provide the authentic reports we have been requesting, stop working against our children and establish normalcy in our lives.

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