Prison Reform: Visitation rights

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My name is Linda Nguyen-Ngo. i just visit my husband many time before there was no issue. i had one incident that happen on May 29, 2016 that they had strip search me and also search my car. they found nothing on both search and they also did give me the paper for what i sign. then i visit my husband many time more and nothing was wrong until JULY 24,2016 they strip search me didn't find anything then they were searching other lady car in front of me and they found marijuana in her car. so they didn't change their gloves or change anything didn't put anything in evidence and didn't seal anything they just left her stuff in a piece of paper and hold on to it. i am a criminal justices student so i would never use or have any drug in my car because i go up to the fbi academy and they search you every time for school. any how they were kneeling on the ground searching my car and refuse to let me see what they are doing to my car and also said that they so call found green leafy substance in my car also they said to my husband that they found condom in my car which is not illegal and they said they put two and two together i ask you that was un fair of what they did and the warden said over the phone that i try to bring stuff in his prison BUT I GOT STRIP SEARCH HOW CAN THAT BE POSSIBLE My husband has 17 year left in his sentence and i feel like this is unreasonable and i would like to request other chance to prove that i am not that type of people I'm not scare to let them search me everytime if they like because i just wanted to be able to see my husband without them trying to frame me for just a crime that i didn't do. also i would like to request that virginia freedom of information act. because on the paper that i sign said that you can go look up doc procedure 445.1 when there was nothing like that it was only #400
and the investigator said that he field test the stuff but he never did it infant of me i wanted to request all the lab work also. The k-9 officer in the investigation is HATAWAY, and FRIETAS and for the first one on May 29 was mr vann but i couldn't get the lady officer name. FRIETAS found drug in the other lady car. thank you for your time i hope you can understand for me this is a very sensitive subject
Linda Nguyen-Ngo

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