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"Please sign this petition to FREE our loved family member."

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       A family member received a very harsh sentence. Joseph G. Sikes Jr. known as Joey has already served 22 years of his sentence; however, he still has 26 more years to serve. He committed his crime at the age of 17. He was sentenced as an adult at the age of 18. His incarceration has been a hardship on his family. The time and travel expense to see him, the financial burden it imposed to provide him with basic necessities.

      While incarcerated these past twenty two years; he has accomplished much to prepare him for society.  He earned his GED; earned 3 Occupational /Job titles as defined by the Department of Labor: receiving a Certificate in Horticulture Specialty Grower, Salesperson, Horticultural & Nursery Products and Horticulture Worker also a Certificate in Custodial Maintenance/Sanitation. He has been a model prisoner and has always helped in whatever task was requested of him.   

      What you can expect to happen from this reformed man when released. Joey will have the chance to become a taxpayer and pay into the funds that has helped to take care of him for the last 22 years (about $28,000.00 per year in boarding costs). He can utilize his skills and life experiences to educate and help other troubled, confused youth at risk in coping with the stressful challenges that come at such an age.

      How it will impact his family; he would no longer be a burden on them financially. As he has aged so have his father and sister. He will take care of them and give back as much as possible to provide them with a better quality of life. The bottom line is this man would better serve the state, his community, and his family by being on the outside than he ever will by remaining incarcerated. We all have done something we wish we hadn’t at some point in our lives. Joey deserves a second chance, well actually a first chance at becoming an active useful human being in society. We, the family, thank you for your time in reading this petition and hope that you too will agree and sign so that Joey can get his first real chance at living.

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