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Keep killer Joseph G. Sikes Jr. in prison!

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Joseph G. Sikes Jr. had a hand in brutally killing two teenagers over a small bag of pot in 1996. The murder was done in front of a toddler and was carried out in true gangster thuggery form.  I can remember the day well, Krissy's mother not being able to go home because of her daughters blood spilled out all over the floor. Truly, she had to move and spend many years suffering tremendously because of the loss of her precious only daughter. Roberts family had it no easier.

The family of Joseph G. Sikes Jr. is trying to have him pardoned. They feel he has been in prison long enough and has not had a chance to even start his life. They say "His incarceration has been a hardship on his family. The time and travel expense to see him, the financial burden it imposed to provide him with basic necessities."  They selfishly overlook the families who children were brutally murderd. I ask you, is that not the ultimate hardship

They have the option and may choose to spend the time and expense to go visit Sikes in prison. The other families will never, never mind you, see Krissy or Robert again this side of heaven!  They do not have the luxury of seeing or helping Krissy or Robert with basic needs (which I'm sure the state provides for Sikes) because Sikes stole the basic need of life its self from them. 

We all do things we wish we never had, me included. But there are very few of us that take the life of another in cold calculated murder! The things we do bad, we suffer the consequences. To cut Sikes sentence in half and let him out now would be like saying "It was along time ago he was young and foolish. He is not the same anymore." I hope for his sake that he is not. However, Krissy and Robert are still the same, GONE! Leaving family and friends scard for life.

Sikes has a debt to pay to society and I, along with many others, are part of that society. I do not want to be short changed! Mr. Sikes and his family are blessed to still have his life. Sometimes you have to make the best of what you have and the Sikes have everything. That's more than Krissy and Robert's family have, who had it all taken from them! 

Please do not allow Mr. Sikes out of prison until his debt is paid in full. It would make justice look cheap! I believe in forgiveness and restoration. However, I also would like to believe that American Justice is still honored in the great state of Virginia. So as honorable members of Virginia's government, I along with other voters, hope you will serve justice. Allow Mr Sikes to serve his time. Do not grant him a pardon!

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