Free Rojai Fentress. He's not a killer. He is a human being that is wrongly imprisoned.

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Rojai Fentress was just 16 years old when arrested in 1996 in Richmond, Virginia, for the killing of a man during a crack deal. Fentress turned down plea deal after plea deal, including one that would have kept him behind bars for only 5 years. His reasoning? He's not a killer. Despite his contentions of innocence, a judge convicted the teen of first-degree murder and sentenced Fentress to 53 years without any physical evidence linking him to the killing. The state's main witness lied on the stand, as did the detective who handled the case. Both would eventually commit suicide. Fentress was never interviewed by police. Another inmate in the Virginia Department of Corrections has signed an affidavit admitting to the killing. Yet Fentress, now 38, continues to languish in prison more than 20 years later, not even halfway through his prison term. The Innocence Project at the University of Virginia School of Law has taken on Fentress' case, but he still needs all the help he can get. Please help us free Rojai Fentress. He does not belong in prison, he belongs in society as a free man. 

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