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Blessing's and Love: I am writing this petition for various reason, but my main reason is to give hope and strength back to are men and women and families of those that are incarcerated and serving lengthy sentences without the possibilty of parole.....We have to unite and understand that are loved ones need us to put effort into helping the parole law change back to the way it use to be...we have to remeber its not so much they can do incarcerated they have limited phone and mail supply and they just will never be finacially fit to fight the battle from prison...Yes alot of people have done bad things, but everybody deserves a second chance to be law-abiding citizens.....Its not going to happen over night but we have to start some where.....Parole also will help inmates with  no hope or care to have good behavior while incarcerated so that they can work towards getting home to there families...Without parole inmates have no care in the world because in there mental they will never be free or see there families again in the free world, so taking away parole was a bad idea because were not  giving them a reason to change and get back to there families...we have to give inmates something to look forward to instead of visits'phone calls and commissary.....This petition is not to over throw the goverment or start any kind of violence..This petition is for the Men and Women and there families that deserve a second chance at life and citizenship! So I would like everybody to read this petition and please sign!

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