Stand Guard for Vanguard!

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Stand Guard for Vanguard!

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Budget Proposal Petition

Keep our Vanguard Magnet program and continue funding all the other Magnet programs of HISD as well.

As the students and concerned parents of HISD, we stand up to protest against the budget proposal for 2014-2015. Since we are part of the Vanguard program, we are directly affected by this matter, as most of us are also on a Magnet transfer.

 We have received a very high education as part of this program, and learned many helpful skills along with it. H.I.S.D. has some of the best schools in the State of Texas, and in the U.S.A. For example, Carnegie VANGUARD High School was ranked third in the state and 23rd in the nation. T.H. Rogers Elementary and Middle School was ranked first in the state. These  Taking away the Vanguard program would also rid us of these titles.

The Vanguard program gives us a chance to excel and become the best individuals possible. The Vanguard program in HISD has been efficiently working, so why demolish an outstanding program?  

We who sign this petition believe that the budget proposal of 2014-2015 should not be put in place for various reasons, including those reasons listed above.


Please sign if you believe that keeping the vanguard magnet program is extremely important and should be a top priority for the HISD Board.

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