Save Our Sleep! Time for a curfew at Brisbane Airport

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When the second runway opens in 2020, Brisbane Airport's capacity will double. That means twice as many flights landing and taking off. And while this might be a boon for tourism operators, it's going to turn life for full-time residents into a nightmare.

Successive state and federal governments have fought hard to keep Brisbane Airport curfew-free, in anticipation of an Asian tourist boom. As a result, when the new runway is operational, there will be twice as many flights thundering overhead at 2am.

Our elected representatives think we don't care. They say they've polled constituents in the flight path and the reaction has been one of indifference. Decisions are being made now by Brisbane Airport Corporation about flight paths and noise mitigation without any consultation with concerned residents.

Aircraft noise is part and parcel of life in a big city. We get it. And residents who purchase homes under a flight path have to expect the odd plane overhead. But when politicians and airport administrators make decisions behind closed doors that take no account of voters who are directly impacted, then questions need to be asked. 

Sign this petition to demand a curfew at Brisbane Airport.

Sign this petition to demand Brisbane Airport Corporation and its airline stakeholders go to greater lengths to reduce airport noise for Brisbane residents, including adjusting flight paths. 

Sign this petition to tell our elected representatives we are tired of being taking for granted.

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The standard curfew in place in other Australian airports is from 11pm to 6am. If it's good enough for Sydney, Adelaide and Coolangatta, it's good enough for Brisbane.  

We need to show the powers-that-be that we won't be walked over. They need to understand that while the economic development of a city is important, so too is the right of its residents to a decent night's sleep. 

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