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Terminate "Redskin or a Rancher" from Wild West Spirit Day

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An Update:
Today the Principal of our school made an announcement over the loud speaker addressing the concern behind the racist nature of the signs. He praised the students who took action against the derogatory nature and assured that the signs were put up without approval and do not reflect the view of our school. A student government representative also addressed the issue:
I saw our petition and I just wanted to let you know... Whoever made those fliers put them up without getting them approved and they were taken down directly after, I guess you saw them in between those two events. I think your petition is great because our school should in no way promote racism, I just wanted to clarify that it was not meant to be taken that way and those fliers were a mistake that was correct immediately."
As of yet, the event is being amended appropriately. Thank you all for you're support.


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