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Terminate Nassim Nicholas Taleb for his incessant derogatory and libelous comments

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 Recently, Nassim Nicholas Taleb has been accusing people who cite peer-reviewed scientific research of being "retards" and "Monsanto shills."  He has even published a guide on his Facebook page which includes instructing people on how to accuse others of taking bribes, and comparing people who understand science to the mafia.  He Specifically told people to treat them "as if they were nonthinking animals."

Calling people "retards" is not only offensive to the people who are being called such since it is a derogatory manner of stating they have a low level of intelligence, it is also extremely offensive to people with a mental disability and to their loved ones.  Nassim Nicholas Taleb no doubt knows how derogatory this term is, yet he still encourages his Twitter followers to use this word with people who cite peer-reviewed research.

Calling people paid shills and accusing them of taking bribes is also extremely defamatory and libelous.  By accusing somebody of such, he is accusing them of being corrupt, and of lying for money.  This is extremely defamatory to their character.  He not only does this himself, but he instructs his Facebook and Twitter followers on how to do so.

Nissam Nicholas Taleb has 85,000 Facebook and 106,000 Twitter followers.  He is not just saying these things in a private room or even to a small classroom audience.  He is publicly representing your institution in a derogatory and libelous way to thousands of people.  Please terminate any affiliation with Nissam Nicholas Taleb immediately in order to show that your institution does not tolerate such behavior and does not share his views and tactics.

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