Term limits for the House and Senate

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Serving in the House or Senate should not be a career. Given the fact that they will enjoy a generous subsidy for healthcare and private pension fund (all funded by tax payers and not tied to social security); is it in the people’s best interest to have them represent us?

First, think of the billions of tax payers dollars saved if we didn’t fund this LIFETIME CLUB and the above mentioned perks. 

Term limits allow fresh blood and eliminate career politicians. Career politicians spend more than half their time on getting re-elected and attending fund raisers for their campaign. Fund raising for such inhibits the favor system and nurtures corruption. 

Every single House and Senate member is a millionaire........let that sink in a minute.....a millionaire... is that who I want to represent my neighborhood and district?

They collectively need to be there for the right reasons, to make a difference and serve their constituents. They are at the very heart of corruption and a do nothing government. They worry about their party and reelection position, not you or I. This needs to be corrected if America is to have a government for the people and by the people. This topic is voodoo to all mentioned above. And who gets to vote on their own raises? I don’t, you don’t.... but they do.

And their salaries are way out of touch with the rest of us (House $174,000 year, Senate $174,00 year). Their generous vacation schedule puts them in the "Part Time" category. Click on or copy and paste the link for the House and Senate calendar of days in session....https://www.congress.gov/days-in-session What a joke... Many 3 day weekends...

As Americans, I implore you to sign this petition, to let your voice be heard, to not allow millionaires to set policy and dictate how America’s classes are to live while they are shielded from our struggles and enjoy a life long worry free lifestyle funded by the taxpayer.

In another life, why would anyone want to be anything else but a career politician?

If we elect people who actually live in the real world every 4 years, I am sure laws, legislation and taxes would be different.  



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