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Help Reopen Camp Albert Pike Campgrounds.

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Lots of freak nature related accidents happen in & around campgrounds nation it tornadoes,  avalanche, flash floods, etc. Yes lives are lost & people hurt. But why close a place down when freak accident happens, why sue over something that no one has any control over. For 60+ years Camp Albert Pike has been open for people to camp & make fond family memories for camping, hiking, & swimming. As anywhere you go you take responsibility for what happens to you & deal with it any way you can & move on. Yes the flash flood that hit Camp Albert Pike Campgrounds was heartbreaking & sad. But to sue....really. Common sense is in play while out camping & hiking & swimming & just living around your hometown. You have to watch you surroundings & the weather....if camping you watch the rivers to watch levels if it has rained a lot during that week just as you would if you live close to a lake at your house. I feel for the families who lost love ones at Camp Albert Pike. But to sue over it. Let's reopen Camp Albert Pike Campgrounds so we can erase the bad & make new memories & honor the memory of those lost. 

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