Free school meals

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As you may have read our Government recently voted to deprive up to 1 million of our poorest children of a free school meal via the changes to the Universal Credit Benefit threshold being reduced to £7400. 

All this whilst MPs can freely claim for subsidised food & drink in the Houses of Parliament. In the last 3 years WE the public have paid £7.6 MILLION (Daily Mail 20-07-17) so MPs who earn £77k a year ON TOP of their other expense claim, such as Ian Duncan Smith trying to claim £39 for 1 breakfast,  can also fill their stomachs with Steaks, Halibut & pan fried Salmon for under £8 whilst taking food from our children’s mouthes.


if we petition Parliament to revisit and revise this decision some of our children will get to have maybe their only warm meal of the day. Think about that in 2018, the 5-6th largest economy in the world letting our most vulnerable, our future, our children go hungry. 

I believe the funding for children’s school meals needs to be looked into further and this needs to be brought more into the public awareness and not hidden away, under the Austerity umbrella, that is effecting us all. 

I didn’t see much about this topic on the news only a couple of tweets from Angela Raynor (Labour MP who brought the motion forward). 

 Austerity is taking a meal from your children.

Labours pledge to give all primary school children a free school meal is estimated to cost £950 million. Which is £50 million less than our Government bribed the DUP of Northern Ireland to prop up their party to win the last General Election.