The UK needs to stop propping up Saudi Arabia!

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Saudi Arabia is a evil regime that sponsors terrorists and is currently carrying out a vile bombing campaign in Yemen where thousands of innocent civilians have died. There is no free media, political opponents are imprisoned and more than 400 people have been executed in the past few years. 

When women activists were campaigning for the right for women to drive, the crown prince had the activists arrested. This is not an ally yet the UK seems to treat Saudi Arabia like one. 

Recently, you've probably been hearing on the news that journalist Khashoggi was most likely murdered. He was critical of the government in regards to its domestic policy and relating to the crisis with Qatar. 

We cannot keep dealing with such an abhorrent regime. I don't need to remind people that 3000 people died because Saudi Arabian-sponsored terrorism. Surely the time has come to denounce Saudi Arabia? 

Yet no Western country seems to be willing to. Why are we so afraid of Saudi Arabia, a regime propped up by the West and oil? 

I can almost guarantee that after this news dies down, the UK will continue to walk hand in hand with the crown prince - maybe Teresa May will even extend an invite to Britain? 

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