Stop Parents FAKING income to avoid child maintenance payments.

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After going through a ‘stage of life’ 8 years ago, I found myself as a single mum bringing up my daughter by myself. I was fortunate enough to be in a stable job whereby I could support my self and my daughter. 

This stability was used to drag me through the courts due to the other party receiving  legal aid, something which should not have been an entitlement due to owning a business, deals with cash in hand and accumulating property abroad. The court hearings stopped once the legal aid did, this law came into effect a few years ago, coincidently, after I wrote to 10 Downing Street.

The CSA or CMS do not currently take assets abroad into account and rely solely on the tax a person pays. So if your partner is a tax evader you’re doomed.  Consequently there are parents who pay £5 a week, whilst having property abroad worth in the millions. It falls in the same catergory as benefit scammers in my opinion. 

My immediate family and I have been the sole providers for my daughter, whilst the other party gets away with out the responsibility apart from £5/week, because of a flawed system. My daughter is 10 today. 

I have met several single mums many of whom are victims of domestic violence in this situation. They just get by, are not supported and fear the consequences of making their situation heard, whilst the non resident parent evades responsibility and quite frankly I think it is disgusting.

Also I’m sure the same happens when roles are reversed by non resident mums, and there are dads out there in the same situation. 

I think it’s about time that the Law enforces this responsibility by updating how child maintenance payments are calculated as well as reviewing the penalties for Parents on the ‘jolly’!