Stop inciting racism and inviting terror

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After certain terror attacks have happened in areas of uk, people still have fresh wounds of hate instilled in them which is evident as more racist attacks are happening around uk, And instead of all ethnics and religions uniting together people like liberty Gb Paul Weston is taking full advantage of the "after affect", by inviting encouraging and inciting more hate crimes. The self belief of mr Paul Weston is sufficient to say this, it clearly shows that Paul Weston is not uneducated to make such statements against the religion of Islam but in fact extremely ignorant, according to Paul Weston's statement he clearly doesn't know what values and beliefs the religion of Islam holds had he known instead of inviting more terrors he would surely agree that all religions of faith hold one thing in common and that is "any forms of life is sacred", and they all condemn acts of times like this we should stand strong and be united and help one another carry on being diversely multicultural and be there for one another.