Love a Muslim day 3rd of April

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The underlying problem for the continuous increase in hate crimes towards Muslims in the uk is not because of a few bigots , not because Muslims refuse to integrate (actually that’s lies-muslima have run marathons for this country , won Great British Bake off and participate in all sectors in the UK) and not because of the several attacks that a few sick minded people have committed against the British public. It is the governments fault who is continuously casting a wide net of suspicion on the entire Muslim community . When Teresa may gives a speech (june2017) about counterterrorism and starts with discussing how Muslims (note she didn’t say terrorists she didn’t say criminals ) should be better educated about British values,  she leaves very little hope for the ignorant British non Muslims to have an actual clear idea of what Islam and Muslims are . Do not blame the 1.6 billions of Muslims that trot this earth for the small minorty that like it or not are backlashing at the European governments confused Work  in the Middle East .

we appreciate what the several MPs have spoken about the Punish a Muslim day and how they stand side by side but this is no where near enough. 

The whole ideology that Muslims are to blame every time a Muslim criminal commits something is starting to get tedious . BBC is to blame for this inciting hate towards Muslims.  Teresa May needs to have a speech about how actually Muslims integrate and help create a very coherent British society . They are in the education sector in all its forms , they are many of our doctors amd gp practices from doctors to nurses to secretaries. Muslims are known for their self employed small businesses from restaurants and food chains that are nearly in every city and town in the uk to shop keepers to Uber drives to estate agents to hairstylist and fashion designers.To say Muslims don’t integrate is false . integration doesn’t mean losing ones identity in the process and the Life in the Uk book would agree with me . British valuestk about how we should respect one another including respecting the others religion, race, colour and  identit . Don’t tell us your with us on 3rd of April ,  no go on TV and explain to the public the many achievements And contributions that Muslimshave and still are doing in this community. Love a Muslim day . Teresa May you owe muslims in the uk an apology for your speech in 2017 even if its was a while away , the negative effects of it are starting to show now. Enough is enough