Sex Offenders previous convictions MUST be released to the jury of new charges!!

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On 10th May 2018, convicted sex offender John Bermingham was fully acquitted of an attempted abduction on two 9yr old girls despite being on licence for previous crimes against children.

We fully believe he was found not guilty because of the law in Scotland which does not allow previous crimes, of which there is terms of a Sexual Prevention Order broken or a listing on the sex offenders register to not be taken into account by the jury.

This will not be the last case of this nature in Scotland where a man who presents significant harm to our children will be released due to this crazy law of non disclosure. Please take 2 minutes to google his and his families catalogue of sexual crime to see how dangerous he is!

Disclosure of his past was a vital part of the evidence. He is now loose on our streets and I fully believe will strike again, please sign this to prevent any children going through this in the future.

A justice system which doesn’t tell the jury the character of the person accused is not justice!