Help victims of abuse more and ensure the correct measures are taken to stop further abuse

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Failure to protect victims of domestic violence from their perpetrator is not okay, things are set in place that are failing to protect victims. It’s time we made changes so ensure that victims of abuse are being protected properly, and that abusers are being punished correctly.  Conditional cautions are not being used properly and abusers are breaking rules and are being allowed to abuse more without consequences. Abusers are walking free hours after attacking someone because their is supposedly not enough evidence, without proper investigations even taking place. Leaving victims of a abuse fearful to leave their homes in case they are met face to face with their abuser. Scared of knocks on the front door, in case the person behind the door is going to hurt them more. Instead we are just being told to ring a helpline that only gives us one call back, and then we never hear back from them again, despite giving us hope that they are going to ring back and offer us lots of advice and support. Police are telling us to ring if we need them, but are not logging all the information we are giving, are telling us because we responded after 50 messages of abuse to simply ‘go away’, we have no responsed and nothing can be done. 

Abusers are living life normal, with potential to hurt others. Victims of abuse are living in fear and are not receiving the right amount of support. Something needs to change to ensure our victims are safe, and our abusers are punished properly! 

Please stand with me and help make a change, as a victim of abuse, I have been let down, while the person who physically and mentally ruined me, is living free without learning a lesson, without a care, and a potential risk to someone else.

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