Dress for the slide and not the ride

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Some riders don’t understand the meaning of pain and skin grafts!! I see sooo many bikers in this amazing weather wearing nothing but shorts and t-shirts and trainers!!!Despite how cool this might make you feel and there’s nothing worse than sweating in your leathers but....you maybe the best rider (or think) but you are not the only one on roads!! It’s law every rider must wear a helmet but no law about clothing!!! Yes it’s our choice what we wear but I’m sure if you hit a pot hole(we are in uk’) and come off you are gaurenteed to have a skin Graf!! Leathers or textiles won’t save your life with all accidents but slight bumps pot holes drain covers slow speed accidents your chance of saving your skin is much greater!! It’s law to wear a seat belt so we need a law to wear appropriate clothing in the biker world!! Please help and sign to get this law in !!