Ban The Grand National To Save Horses Needlessly Dying Every Year

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Julie Beana
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Over 50 horses have died since 2000 at The Grand National horse racing event at Aintree, including 3 more in 2019. We cannot allow this brutal event to continue just so that we can get pleasure from having a bet. It’s not just the Grand National, 1888 race horses have died in the UK during races since March 2007. This cannot go on any longer.

Replace the ineffective BHA with an independent body to regulate horse racing to ensure the horses welfare is at the heart of horse racing.

Ban the Grand National and other events where horses have died, until such time as they can provide a guarantee that no more horses will die due to falling at fences, which are clearly too high, wide and challenging for the horses. We were brave enough to ban fox hunting and we need to be brave enough to do the same with horse racing over jumps, unless the event organisers can make changes and back them up with guarantees that will put them out of business with huge unlimited fines if horses then continue to die at their racing events.

I started this petition because…
I am Lorenzo Guarrasi and I’m starting this petition because we can’t simply stand by and let innocent horses die needlessly, year after year in the 21st Century.