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Entomb the Fukushima reactors NOW!

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Why haven't the Fukushima reactors been entombed like the ones in Chernobyl? Because it cost too much? Because TEPCO could make more money by recycling these reactors? Is this a reason to kill the Earth? NO!

Who else doesn't want to die of hypoxia because the phytoplankton of the Pacific Ocean have been killed off? Who else doesn't want anaerobic bacteria, such as tetanus, gangrene, and botulism to be the dominant life form on the Earth again, an Earth poor in oxygen, but rich with corpses? You neither? Then you must sign this petition! No less than life on Earth is at stake!

Who's up to agitate at a Japanese Consulate near you?

Proposed slogan: "TEPCO: Don't kill the Earth! Bury the Fukushima reactors now!"

A bit longer in Japanese, but makes kind of a nice tune:

"Toden:" (That's the Japanese contraction for TEPCO)

"Chikyu-o" (That's the Earth)

"koroshite wa ikenai!" (Don't kill it: Japanese has a different word-order)

"Ima homuru" (bury it now)

"Fukushima genshiro!" (The Fukushima reactors)

Put it all together, sung to a tune somewhat like the theme of "The Great Escape:" kinda apropos, given that it's our doom we're trying to escape, no?



Koroshite wa ikenai!



Fukushima genshiro!"

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