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To Tenshi,

The majority of the PTP community has lost confidence in Skyfire, we ask you to review skyfire as he is an incompetent person. He has failed to admit his own mistakes and has cost PTP's reputation. I quote "(feb 16 16:12:47) <Tenshi> we've let hackers come back and improved :p," this person has not improved. What he has done is he still fails to admit his mistakes. Let's go through his past.


This person has copied PTP and created a copied version called Protect the Prime Minister. What he tried to do is to advertise his own version in our game mode, he was also been ban for this and has stilled continued advertising as a ban evader. This person has been banned many times and still has not admitted it or as has apologised for it.



He is also a ban evader from our friends at Party Server, what I have heard that he was hacking in their server. One of the admins from that place has confirmed that Skyfire is a known person to the Party Server admin team. Since Skyfire became an admin, we must be a laughing stock to them because of this. 


From my beginning paragraph "(feb 16 16:12:47) <Tenshi> we've let hackers come back and improved :p." You have said that hackers come back and improved. That is correct but Skyfire has not improved for the following reason, he has failed to admit and apologies for the mistakes and chaos he has created, he has never tried to appeal for his bans, he has failed to be a competent admin and a representative to the PTP community, he has created a lot of clans in the past and his copied version of PTP website is till up along with the donation link.

This person has lost the confidence of the PTP community and has trashed our image. He has copied the game mode and turn it into for his own benefit, and he has not admit it instead he is denying it. We let people come out and improve, but this person has not changed. Because his own version of PTP website and donation link is still there. What the PTP community is asking that if you can hear our concern.



I thank you for reading this Tenshi

[RD]iBen and the PTPMP community  

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