Replace the lights at Albert Reserve

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The members of Tennis World Albert Reserve are being left behind in the constant expansion and development of other TW facilities. As the original centre, AR still operate with original facilities. AR members pay the same as MP, over $100 a month, for facilities that would be classed as substandard by smaller clubs. Cost cutting has resulted in :

Dangerously low lighting levels that do not meet the basic Tennis Australia requirements.

The closure of the club on Sunday afternoons, when the predominantly full-time employed members would like to make use of the courts. 

The removal of the Manager position, with the responsibility of running the club falling to coaches who already have their hands full running lessons. Queries on club operations during lessons are taking coaching time away from paying members.

The secondment of the competitions coordinator to another TW facility has seen the night competition become farcical. Every night of every week players are forced to reduce the length of matches or go home without a match as opponents have not been organised or there are not courts available with adequate lighting.

AR members joined the club for the “world-class” facilities, and also for the atmosphere that the club creates with the people it employs and the people it attracts. AR members want to be members of AR, we do not want to be told that if we want to hire a court on the weekend or play tennis under lights that we should go to MP. We will go somewhere else, but we will take our membership fees with us. 

Please support the upgrade of AR in line with other Tennis World facilities by signing this petition. If you feel as strongly about this as we do, then also please consider suspending your membership and boycotting night competitions until the lights are replaced. Let’s not be the poor cousins any longer!