No-vaxxed Djokovic is not welcome in Australia!

No-vaxxed Djokovic is not welcome in Australia!

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Started by Long Vo

The purpose of this petition is to gather community support against the decision of granting No-Vaxxed Djokovic medical exemption to participate in the Australian Open 2022.

Is it fair for him to participate in the tournament while the many of us have endured tough lockdowns, suffered from separations from our loved ones and got vaccinated to do the right thing?

Is it fair for other people who are not yet vaccinated and restricted from travelling overseas, interstates and watching a live tennis match in Rod Laver Arena? 

Is it fair for our front-line staff who are not yet vaccinated and decided to be stood down by the organisations they work for?

Is it fair for health care system which is dealing with long queues of testings and overloaded hospitalisation that may break down in any second because of covid-related patients?

Is it fair for other tennis players who are doing the right thing to protect themselves, their loved ones, the Australian open organisation and the community by rolling up their sleeves and get vaccinated?

Is it fair for people who have medical conditions per ATAGI's guideline and work hard to get their exemption so that they can resume to their normal life as much as possible?

If your answers are no to the above, please join me to say No to No-vaxxed Djokovic's playing in Melbourne Park. He is a tennis player who may earn millions but should be equal to the rest of us. He should get vaccinated to play, or no-vaxxed means no play! The rule should be applied equally!

7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!