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Leave Margaret Court Arena alone!

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We've all heard about the comments that Margaret Court has made, and where she stands in the gay marriage controversy. But regardless of where you stand you ought to know that bullying and ridiculing her is unacceptable and unaustralian! Many people wish to rename the Margaret Court Arena to the Evonne Goolagong arena, a person who does not even nearly compare with Margaret's tennis achievements! It needs to be said, just as prime minister Malcolm Turnbull stated, the Margaret Court Arena was named that to celebrate Margaret Court the tennis legend, not her views, so this push for it to be renamed is just plain immature and a classic case of hypocrisy. "In Australia we celebrate free speech without ridicule--unless you don't believe what I believe, then we can bully you and call you names and remove your legacy." 

Put yourself in Margaret Court's shoes for a second, forget what she believes, but imagine, you are a legendary tennis player, an arena was named after you in your honour, but you have an opinion that someone else doesn't like, so instead of talking to you, or being civilised about it, everyone acts so childishly and decides to remove your honour because of something completely unrelated. Not a nice feeling.

So, what needs to happen now is that we grow up and leave the Margaret Court Arena alone. It is there to celebrate a tennis champion, and that is what it will continue to do. Tennis Australia, we implore you, do what is right, don't give in to the roar of those who wish to destroy Margaret Court's legacy because of her personal beliefs. Because on the tennis court, she is a legend, anwhere else, it is not your concern.


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