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Make the Caney Fork a World-Renowned Fishery

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Together, we can protect Nashville's nearest hold-over trout fishery. In order to do so, we need:

  • A catch-and-release, artificial lure-only section of the river
  • Simple slot limits that protect the trout over 14" in the Caney Fork, regardless of species
  • Protection for the brown trout that spawn in the fall months
  • A stable minimum flow from Center Hill Dam to protect the river's aquatic life. This will keep the plants and animals that live underwater alive and healthy.

Over the past few years, the Caney Fork has become both an incredibly productive and popular fishing destination. The increase in popularity is without a doubt due to Nashville's rapid growth as a city. With that being said, the Caney Fork needs our help to protect the water and the creatures (fish, acquatic insects, birds, etc) that call it home. Recently, the slot limits that vary from species to species are causing more confusion for those who wish to keep fish. Whether there is a language barrier, lack of signage or just plain ignorance, a simple slot limit system that protects all trout over 14" regardless of species would lead to less illegal trout killing. Brown trout need to be protected during the fall spawn and should be protected regardless of size. The next step to making any fishery top-notch is to truly protect the larger fish and give them a place to thrive. 

The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency has opened up Tennessee's Trout Management Plan to the public until August 4th, 2017 to hear our input on the trout fisheries in this state. This petition will help the TWRA see that this is a river people care about/want to see flourish from now on.

In regards to the minimum flow, the hot Tennessee summer is the main issue. We think having a stable sluice during the summer months would help the fish a great deal. An optimal CFS rate would have to be determined but anything above off would be better... Currently, the US Army Corps of Engineers is sluicing a minimum of 250 CFS and that is a great flow. We're working with some people that are very knowledgeable about water management so hopefully they can come up with a proposal that will solve this!!

Please sign and share to help create a long-lasting trophy trout fishery in the Southeastern US!

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