Legalizing the hunt for coyotes after dark in TN

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In Tennessee it is currently illegal to hunt coyotes at night in any form (light or night vision/thermal optics) This petition is a proposal by Big Game Hunters in Tennessee asking the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency to legalize the hunting of coyotes at night on private lands, using night vision/thermal optics and whatever form TWRA will allow! 

Looking at the states surrounding TN, a majority of these states (AL, GA, SC, MS, KY, VA) all have game laws allowing some form of hunting coyotes at night (On private land, using spotlights, lasers or night vision equipment).

Coyotes are expanding their range all over the country and with EHD/CWD as bad as it is,  its crucial we adapt our methods to control these predators. The benefits are not just for deer and turkeys but also to farmers and even house pets.