Stop "Men of valor" from forcing repeat violent offenders back into their victim's lives.

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I am presenting this petition to you because I need your help to protect my children and myself from a man I am terrified of.  This man has made a career out of incarceration and drug abuse . . . he has been convicted repeatedly of felonies and violent crime.  In May of 2014 he was found by police having broken into a home, naked, with a chainsaw and a hammer, the 14 year old son that was home alone had called the police while hiding in the shower.Fortunately He was able to escape.This story was featured on News Channel 5 as well as other local media outlets.   He has spent most of his life in and out of prison and addicted to drugs and less than 100 days as a father out of neraly 4,000.  Yet, today, he is petitioning for visitation rights and trying to push himself into our lives.   This man was found in a hotel with a body of a female companion that had overdosed two days before.He neglected to help her nor did report her death.He has spent most of his teen and adult life in and out of prison – either locked up or on the run.  During the last 11 years we have faced homelessness, we have been hungry, only receiving any kind of child support in the last 12 months.  All this time I’m taking care of our children with no support from their biological father.  I’ve spent most of my children’s lives in fear of him from years of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.  My daughter was a twin.  I say "was" because in a rage over my getting pregnant he attacked me and harmed me badly enough,that I lost one of my babies, her name was Ferrin. I had to carry her to term along with my living child.I had to deliver my dead baby alone – why? Because another pregnancy was too inconvenient?  My children’s biological father has seen them more often in prison that when we was free.

Now he’s out, released into the care of Men of Valor, who is providing him with free legal assistance that he is using to try and force a visitation on the kids.   He has taken me to court twice and I can’t afford a lawyer.  Every legal counsel I seek tells me I will lose this if I don’t have a lawyer, so the ex-convict with a high reentry rate gets housing assistance, job placement, and free legal assistance – and because their pockets are deeper than mine – he gets to waltz right into our lives?  They say he’s been clean for 4 years, but that’s been under the heavy supervision from prison staff and of Men of Valor and soon he will be released from that as well.  Why shouldn’t he have to prove himself?  Statistically, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in a study on convicts released in 2004, over 70% of those who were arrested for drugs or violent crimes get arrested again for a new crime within 5 years!  Why do my children have to be a guinea pig and roll the dice on being a statistic?  Why when they don’t even know the man? They have a father figure, my husband, who has been there for the last 9 years of our lives, He is "Daddy" to them.

When my children’s biological father was released, we at first decided to give him a chance.  My husband had agreed to supervise visitation.  From October 2017 to January 2018 they kept in communication and he saw his kids twice.  He then took us to court and they presented false information to the court – they lied.  My husband, being the supervisor, would communicate on my behalf with both the children’s father and his lawyer and he has kept every text message and email and it is clear that either the biological father or the lawyer are lying, because their stories don’t match!  So, he’s willing to lie in court and I’m supposed to trust that he won’t lie about other things?  Nothing about this man’s choices in life make him a worthy father, and the only reason this is happening to my children is because he has a publically funded Christian organization standing up for him.  He has other children, 5 of them.  Why mine?  Why are mine being subjected to this?  My son is in therapy for depression at 11 years of age.  My daughter has anger issues and gets very uncomfortable hearing a man she doesn’t know tell her he loves her over the phone. She asks us," do I have to talk to him"?  He gets to speak to them once a week per a court order to prove he can be consistent.  He hasn’t, but that doesn’t matter because he has a lawyer and I can’t afford one.  He and his lawyer want me to agree to supervised visitation with someone I don’t know.  I’m sorry, but I don’t trust their father and I don’t know the man responsible for making sure they are safe.  People can change, but isn’t time needed to beat the statistics?  Shouldn’t the man have to prove himself responsible to the world around him before he gets the chance to be irresponsible with my children? 


I was advised by a detective to file an order of protection because this man was in my area of town, stopping off at my friend’s place of business, asking questions about me and my children.  All I had was hearsay, so the judge denied my order and now I am even more concerned.  This man has beat me, raped me, murdered my child, and spent less than 100 days helping me with raise them.  He has traumatized them by having the police raid our motel with my children there to punish me. He makes empty promises  to them. He is even discussing court details with them,which aren't exactly kid friendly.If he has changed, let him prove himself. Please do not risk my children’s safety on the hope their father is rehabilitated, please!  The crimes their biological father is guilty of would hinder him owning a gun and even working in most corporate settings, He isn't even allowed to work with the Boy scouts.Yet, nothing seems to be hindering him from forcing himself into some form of fatherhood with two children he barely knows and barely know him.  He is a name, he is a face, but he is not a father to them.  He never has been.  The deep pockets of Men of Valor are speeding up a process that should require harder effort for a man such as him to prove himself a decent member of society.  I am simply asking for wisdom.  It is not always best to have both parents present.  We see that every day in society when a mother or a father’s decisions are unsafe for the children.  Don’t allow my children to be punished because we haven’t got the money to hire a lawyer to fight for us.   Please, do the right thing and help me to safeguard my children.


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