Petition update

TNA sponsored legislation HB2857/SB2658 is off notice for the season.

Margie Gale
Franklin, TN

Mar 23, 2012 — TNA sponsored legislation HB2857/SB2658, which increases the punishment for assault and
aggravated assault against health care providers, was taken off notice in the House Judiciary
Subcommittee.As a result of a bill by Rep. Hurley, HB 398, requesting similar enhancement of fine for
assaulting a sports official of a school sponsored activity, the committee asked that both bills be
deferred to summer study.
This basically means the bills are off notice for the session. The Senate sponsor, thereby, re-referred
the Senate bill to the Calendar Committee.

We are not aware of ANY similar data to support increased assault risk on sports officials as there is irrefutable evidence of increased assault risk for health care workers.
Join us in working on gathering and organizing more support for this bill which will be introduced again in the 2013 TN Legislative session. We will have ten times the support for next year.


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