Stop Discrimination in Tennessee Foster Care!

Stop Discrimination in Tennessee Foster Care!

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Started by Children's Rights

We need your help: Tennessee is close to passing a bill that would allow discrimination in foster care and adoption based on the religious beliefs of provider agencies. Tell your Senators you oppose SB 1304, which would enshrine taxpayer-funded discrimination in the child welfare system.

Sign this petition and add your voice opposing SB 1304. Tomorrow, on Tuesday, April 30th at 8:30 AM (CT), SB 1304 will be brought for a vote on the Senate floor. Join us in taking action to stop this dangerous bill.

What makes SB 1304 so dangerous?

1. SB 1304 would limit the number of homes available to foster children. With nearly 8,000 children in Tennessee foster care statewide, children need access to safe and loving homes. This bill directly harms children in care by limiting the number and diversity of placements available to them.

2. SB 1304 would permit discrimination against prospective parents. And it's not only the LGBTQ community that could be discriminated against. The bill would permit faith-based providers to turn away anyone who does not meet their religious litmus test, including Catholic or Jewish individuals, as happened recently in South Carolina.

3. SB 1304 could even permit discrimination against children. The language of SB 1304 is so broad that it could potentially allow discrimination against foster children themselves, particularly LGBTQ youth or children of different faiths than the agency to which they are assigned.

Tell your Senators you oppose SB 1304: Sign the petition now!

199 have signed. Let’s get to 200!