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Getting justice for family of 5 from a Christmas Robbery

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On December 25, 2017, my children woke up to an amazing Christmas. We left around 5:00pm to go to my dads to his Christmas dinner as well as open MORE presents. After eating dinner, i received a message via Facebook Messenger from my nephew (RJ Freeze) informing me that our neighbor, Amber Frazier, was seen going to my house. I had a bad feeling from then and started to panic. My dad said all day something didn't feel right. As he drove us home, i got even more nauseous. As i walked into our home, i immediately noticed that our 19in RCA flat screen tv was stolen then my 8 year old son noticed his playstation 4 along with all of his new games were gone too. I knew right then who took everything. I called the police and they came within 10min. My little nephew (David Whitlow) a middle schooler had Donnie Greeson's truck stopped in the middle of the road with the PS4 in his truck with the cops not even a few feet away. Needless to say, the cop let the man drive way. Wouldnt even go in to our neighbors house to check for the rest of our belongings. My two oldest childrens father came and tried to retrieve the stolen property himself and the criminals called the law on him and on January 4th they arrested him. But still have yet to arrest Andrew Kelley nor Amber Frazier from stealing my childrens christmas along with our food, jackets, shoes, toys and much much more. They estimated value of stolen stuff is $3414.20. I have proof from text messages and a witness that told all and STILL nothings has been done. I have even received some stuff back that was stolen and recovered at their residence and the cops are now telling me that Andrew amd them already have a District Attorney. But they havent even convicted them yet. I kerp getting the run around. Our law enforcement are teaching my children that obviously its okay to let the bad guys get away with stealing from them. These people have a known history of shooting up drugs, my friend that lives on the block had to call the law on andrew and amber this summer due to neglecting their 2yr old daughter, letting her run in the road with a soiled diaper while the mother, Amber Frazier,was so messed up on drugs she was not watching her. I then had to take the baby until a family member was called to come get her. There were needles found that Amber had used. Why is our court system letting these junkies get away with everything!? I need justice for my children! Lock up the criminals. 

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