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Children need their fathers. Fathers need their children.

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My name is John Daum and I am creating this petition for equal rights for fathers everywhere. My daughter is in Tennessee and I struggle to even get her mother to let me talk to her on the phone. It seems that I have to be the one constantly calling and/or messaging regarding a phone call. I have spent thousands on attorneys to be able to get some kind of custody scheduled and it's never successful. I have actually been told that I have to file a petition in order to receive my rights as a father, which requires an attorney again. What I am hoping to see change is that a father should receive rights, the same rights as a mother, immediately upon birth of the child. I have been paying child support and insurance for seven years, but I get denied to see my daughter. A child is not, and should not be viewed as, a paycheck. I am wanting fathers to have time with their children. A father should be able to have that valuable time with his children as well as the mother. It is also very crucial for the child that they have both parents involved in their life. A change needs to happen now, sooner than later. Children and fathers everywhere are in desperate need of this change. Please share and help spread this petition to make a change that is crucial to our children's future. Thank you!

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