Operation TAKE CHARGE & MAKE CHANGES: Bring our baby back to school, and fire Ms. Brown.

Operation TAKE CHARGE & MAKE CHANGES: Bring our baby back to school, and fire Ms. Brown.

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Paulette Williams started this petition to Tennessee State Board Of Education Dr. Penny Schwinn and

So, I was going to go about this way different, and actually give the school board a chance to perform their investigation, and take the proper steps, to make sure that the teacher was relieved of her duties and arrested, since her horrible actions, on more than one occasion, with my granddaughter alone, shows that she does not at all take pride in what she does for a living, and has the potential to physically harm a child, very bad, if allowed to remain a part of the educational faculty.

But, after listening to the conversation, between the principal and my daughter, I can see that she has no intentions on assisting us, in prosecuting nor reprimanding her colleague period. Instead of quickly placing Xoe in another classroom, which she definitely has the power to do, she feels that the best course of action, during the investigation, is to have my daughter pick up packets of school work intermittently, and the baby, who's actually the victim here, be forced outta school, for an unknown length of time, which is highly obnoxious to me.

Remember, I mentioned that there was talk, in the beginning of the school year, before the teacher even had a good enough time to work well with Xoe, she was already bent on retaining her, and I told my daughter that she needed to contact the principal immediately, because something just didn't sit right with me. Come to find out, the principal did "look into it", and she stated yesterday, that the real reason for holding Xoe back, is due to multiple absences, whilst the family was dealing with a very sick family member, and then subsequently mourning their untimely death. Well, that takes me back to my frustrations about her basically expelling Xoe, for her being assaulted, twisted fate huh?!?!? As an education professional, who notices, early on, that a child is at risk of being held back, for staying home too much, and the thought process is that the child has missed too many important lessons, and couldn't possibly be able to test out, shouldn't you be leaning more towards figuring out ways to keep that child in class, opposed to putting them out of school??? Surely, you'll be able to hold her back now, and rightfully back up your decision, with the school rolls; when really, on the flip side, your crazed impromptu solution, made the baby stay home.

Please share this across every platform with us. So, that we'll be able to successfully bring awareness, to the wrongs that officials commit, while on duty, and because of formulated cliques, it's merely swept under a rug. It's always been said, that you never notice a silver Cadillac coupe, until you purchase one, and haphazardly, that appears to be the only car riding along the side of you. A family member, friend or even yourself, gets diagnosed with an illness, that you've never heard of before, but when you Google it, you find that it's running rampant all around you, and your next door neighbors Auntie, on her grandparents sister in law's baby daddys' side just contracted it as well, and now she's morbid, and weeks away from expiring. That's how I was feeling about my granddaughter being assaulted, it was the furthest thing away from reality to me, and I was stunned, by the news of it. Yes, I've heard about and can actually picture an unruly teenager, getting into a real stand up knock down fight with their teacher, and life goes on. But, a baby, being assaulted by an adult, no way shape, form or fashion could I believe it. So, I did, as always, and Googled "elementary teacher twists student's arm", the results brought tears to my eyes... How could you??? Operation TAKE CHARGE & MAKE CHANGES... Let's GO!!! The boat stops here.

Allow Xoe to return to school immediately, instead of creating double jeapordy for her. Charge her former teacher, Ms. Brown, criminally and terminate her; before another African American child enrolls in that school, and gets assaulted by her, just as Xoe unfortunately did.

Paulette A. Y. Williams & Anthonya L. Moon
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Friday, April 5, 2019

Re: Assault on child, Xoe S. L. Moon; by teacher, Ms. Brown

This is the letter that I plan to circulate, should proper recourse fall through. Choking back tears, I draft this, as I stand in, in my daughter's stead, while she works. Honestly, I can't even imagine how broken hearted, confused and angry she must be right now, because times have changed tremendously, from the era in which I was raising my four babies, where this type of cruelty was unthinkable. I never had to worry about any educational official even attempting to assault one of mine, because it was established straight out the gate, that I was something like a vigilante, and testing the waters wasn't wise, even in the least bit. But, for good reasons, I suppose, my daughter is cut from a different cloth, and obviously responds to and resolves issues in a more calmed manner; perhaps this is when the paternal vs maternal parts of her takes a front seat, with all due respect.

Nevertheless, it saddens me that the one thing she always wondered about, has now been confirmed, but it had to derive in a way that caused her baby to end up with the short end of the stick, and she'll more than likely be traumatized because of it, for only God knows how long, but I WILL NOT take this sitting down and neither with a grain of salt. Operation TAKE CHARGE & MAKE CHANGES commences immediately.

PTSD is one of the most horrific ailments to suffer from, and is a known cause of suicide, because the sufferers never take the initiative to assertively confront the fears, turmoil, doubt, anguish, hurt and outlandish confusion that so easily besets them following a traumatic experience of any magnitude. Instead, they withdraw and keep it all bottled within, which can be devastatingly overwhelming, if they have to regularly interact with the person that caused or is repetitively causing the negative emotions, and the wrongdoings are still at the forefront of the equation, then such things as isolation, bedwetting, misplaced anger, drugs and alcohol start to exist, all because the individual fails to gravitate towards and utilize better methods and mechanisms to alleviate the culprit.

In this case scenario, because the affected person is merely a baby, we have to be her liaison, and take those necessary steps for her, and my living declaration to this innocent child, is now and forever will be, that I can assure you that your pain will cease and I promise you that no other child, in years to come, will ever have to go through anything, like what you've endured, as long as there's breathe in my body, and I get wind of it. Corporal punishment, in my opinion, is banned, outlawed and illegal. Thus, meaning Ms. Brown, a teacher at Jackson Elementary school, had absolutely no right to put her hands on my granddaughter, Xoe Moon, on April 4, 2019, in the state of Tennessee, and the city of Kingsport, which is in Sullivan County, and therefore needs to be charged criminally, terminated and barred from teaching period, regardless of whether or not she moves states, because she clearly don't have the heart, patience or mindset, deemed necessary, for this sort of profession. Parents must be able to trust that you have their child's best interest within you, for six long hours, of every week day, and that you wouldn't even allow another facilitator nor stranger to harm them, make less, you being the abuser yourself.

Ever since the beginning of school, my daughter Anthonya Moon, has been updating me about her eerie feelings, concerning Xoe’s teacher, and after some time, I instructed her to begin the process of removing Xoe altogether, from the troubled environment, and put her in another school. She filled out and submitted the forms, which were giving to Jim Nash, who oversees the schools in that district, for him to complete the transition. In the interim, yesterday's incident took place, before the move of schools could fully take place. In fact, I actually want him investigated as well, to thoroughly look into whether or not he even began the initial steps concerning Anthonya’s request, or did he purposely ignore it, and can also be held liable for Xoe’s horrific assault, that surely wouldn't have occurred, had he adhered in a timely manner.

Earlier, I mentioned “bedwetting”, as a possible issue, that may be seen in a person who's faced with continual unresolved bouts of verbal, physical or emotional harm. Xoe is only a couple of months away from being 7, and she's still having problems with this, and I distinctly and specifically told my daughter to stress to the school board, our concerns, that she needs to be transferred immediately, as we earnestly believe that her mishaps are most certainly stemming from the ill treatment she's receiving, every time she comes into close proximity of the horrible monster (Ms. Brown), because she does not have any bladder or kidney problems that could even remotely be a medical answer for why she is going through this abnormal phase, and it sickens me right now, to even think about someone being that heinous, to the point where your love one can't even control their bodily fluids, due to extensive fear. Operation TAKE CHARGE & MAKE CHANGES… Let's go!!!

From the start, Ms. Brown did, what we thought to be, trivial things to Xoe, such as expressing her desire to retain her, only after a few days or weeks of working with her. Although, I thought it to be odd, but not highly alarming, I still advised Anthonya to have the principal at Jackson Elementary intervene, with our alerts being that we can't understand how and why that type of determination is even in to play and/or discussion so early in the school year. Next, the acts of her openly ostracizing Xoe caused my right antenna to sort of rise, and I told Anthonya right then and there, that bullying, in any form, never ends well, and suicide in younger children is on the rise all of a sudden, and even though it's hard to fathom, I refused to play Russian Roulette with my lineage, point blank period, get her out of that school ASAP. No child should be subjected to, and left to deal with an adult, who was initially meant to help, guide and protect them, disgustingly doing sneaky conniving things to them for absolutely no apparent reason at all, minus pure racism. To have a bag of snacks, and out of 25 children, hypothetically, you only have enough for 24, and your reply is “Oh, I really apologize, I miscounted “. So, that left out child, has to watch the others enjoy, what they were evilly deprived of.

I've always been a stickler, against daily incentives, if any part of it, meant one or more babies would have to be without, because that sort of trickery does something terrible to the psyche, and not ethical at all. We're not teaching our babies, according to Pavlov’s theory. These are human beings, with feelings, and watching everyone else around them, get rewards and praise, yet while they are singled out, can have long-term consequences for them, possibly leading to a downtrodden way of thinking and living. Then, to actually incite the other children, to join in on your forbidding acts, is utterly menacing and outrageous, but will not go without the proper reproach. To hear that little child conveying how she spent hours alone, trying to engage herself in activities, just tears me to pieces. I’m nearing 50, and have been in the Federal Government for umpteen years, and still to this day, I gravely feel that I’d go bonkers, if this were happening to me. Just envisage how torn up inside any child, not simply Xoe, has to be, waking up each day, in an atmosphere of love, care, concern and compassion, only to be forced into hell’s fury, so to say, and imperiled to agonizing torture, primarily because of truancy laws, and the failure of a district official (Mr. Nash), to do what was compulsory, to relieve you quickly.

Without further ado, please allow me to finally get to the core of my plight. Everything stated before was the outer layers, of information, that enlightens you on SOME of the things, that’s been taking place, behind the closed doors, of 1st grade teacher, Ms. Brown’s classroom. On 4/4/19, my daughter Anthonya arrived home, in the evening, after business hours, to find her daughter Xoe’s eyes noticeably swollen, as if she had been wailing at some point. Quite naturally, you’d think, something had to have transpired, perchance in the last couple of minutes, in order for her little eyes to be that engorged; surely this is not the remnants of an earlier episode. Well, low and behold, it essentially was, to her surprise, and nothing could have prepared for the information, that her baby girl was about to unload.

Xoe stated that it was “free time”, and she was diddly daddlying around, ALONE, because remember, Ms. Brown has already successfully made her an outcast, and none of her peers won’t have anything to do with her. But, the gym teacher told her to sit down, another person, that I’d like to see investigated (relating to this assault). First, because if it was “free time”, then why were you making her sit down. Nonetheless, at some point Ms. Brown comes around, and out the blue grabs Xoe by the wrist, and began to scold her, and the baby says that every time she’d beg for an explanation, the lady only twisted her arm that much harder and tighter… I’m back to trying to do everything in my power, not to cry, crocodile tears, while at work, merely from the thoughts of my grandbaby having to go through that abuse, at the hand of a person who they’re taught to trust and respect. How could you??? Not to suggest, that any of my grandbabies would be a better candidate for that ghastly quandary, because NO CHILD at all should ever be. But, in all honesty, even though I’d still be just as livid, I would be more apt to envision how my grandson, with known behavioral issues, could get a teacher that mad. But, not Xoe, and I’m not, in no way, attempting to sugarcoat her personality and characteristics, just because she’s my granddaughter. I’m a fair individual, and will always call a spade a spade, family or not.

Anthonya, never received a phone call about the incident, and understandably why not!!! How can you call a parent, and admit to touching their child at all, make less assaulting them. In order for that baby’s eyes to still be bulgy, yesterday evening, she had to be crying for an extensive period of time, and to think about how helpless and disconnected she had to be feeling, no way to reach out to her Mommy for comfort, and what happen throughout the remainder of the day? Did she hide our baby away somewhere, so as to not have any other adult inquire about her tears? I’m unequivocally baffled, and I don’t want to continue writing about it, because Xoe is bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh, and I’m aching for her, some nearly 24 hours later, and it’s very important that we get the ball to rolling, towards resolve. Did the gym teacher stand by idly, and witness this assault, without whistleblowing? How many other students can attest to Xoe’s physical and mental pain, surrounding what happen yesterday? Please contact us as soon as possible, this is imperative. Thanking you in advance, for your promptness, in dealing with this matter.

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