Stop the Killing with sensible gun legislation

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There is a great concern for the safety of our youth, families, communities, and lifestyle for the residents of Shelby County and the State of Tennessee. We’ve experienced an increase in gun-related shootings, and we must put a stop to it!

SB2671- Permitless Carry Legislation – Vote “NO”

This proposed legislation will allow residents who are “law-abiding citizens aged 21 and older to carry their weapon in some public places without a permit or weapon training”. The legislation does increase penalties for several firearm-related crimes to promote public safety - after the crime or senseless killing has occurred.

Most criminals use the weapons of law-abiding citizens during a crime. This legislation isn’t a deterrent before gun crime nor does it help with public safety when it puts more weapons/guns on our streets in plain sight - in public places where we have families, youth, senior citizens, law enforcement, and other innocent and law-abiding citizens.

HB1815 - Community Terrorism Bill – Vote “YES”

This bill would increase the punishment for drive-by shootings (reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon with a vehicle) considered as “community terrorism”.  This legislation would impact shootings that happen from one car into another car, into a home or a crowd of people like the drive-by shootings.

If we are to protect our children, loved ones, and communities we need your support.

Your voice matters, please send letters to our legislators telling them to vote “NO” to SB2671 the permitless carry legislation and “YES” to HB1815. Click on this link to find your Tennessee Legislator:  

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