Allow Tennesseans the Freedom to Choose Fiber Optics for our Future

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Give Tennesseans the Freedom to Choose Fiber Optic Broadband for Our Communities

We urge Tennessee lawmakers to allow Tennessee cities and counties to determine their own economic and quality of life needs and make their own decisions about fiber optic broadband services. We implore our elected General Assembly to do away with the law that prevents municipal electric utilities with fiber from extending broadband service to communities across the state. For years, the world’s most advanced technology has been available just outside of many of our Tennessee communities; yet state law keeps that technology just beyond our reach. Now, we seek a change in the law that would allow municipal providers – who work for the public interest – to serve our broadband needs with the fiber optics that will improve our quality of life and educational access across Tennessee, bring jobs to our communities and make us more competitive for business on a regional, national and international scale.

We want the right to choose fiber optic broadband for our Tennessee communities and our future.