A law that requires law enforcement to issue a local alert when a child is missing.

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My son Devin Bond went missing on March 31st of 2017, once we filed a police report, we learned how little can be done to find a child that is missing. Most people think an Amber Alert will help them locate a child if they ever go missing. In reality a very small percentage of children that go missing qualify for an Amber Alert. The Amber Alert is a fantastic resource that is used by law enforcement everyday to find children who have been abducted, but no alert is ever sent out for children who are missing and endangered. The responsibility falls on the parents, family and friends to get a missing child information out to the community. How can we find a missing child if no one knows they are missing? I wish we lived in a world where no child ever goes missing but sadly that’s not the world we live in.  As a parent of a missing a child, I feel it’s my responsible to help children that will go missing in the future. When a parent learns the sad facts about an Amber Alert it is too late for change. I know Tennessee can do better, we have to do better.  One of the main reason why an Amber Alert isn’t sent out for every child is because of the amount of alerts that would be sent to a phone. What I am proposing is sending a localized alert out to the community where the child went missing in the first few hours after a child is missing. It’s such a simple thing, that I believe will have a big impact on bringing children home safe and quickly. The State of Tennessee has an opportunity to be a leader on how we respond when a child goes missing, but we have to demand them to do something about it. Please sign, share, call your local law makers, we desperately need to do more for our missing children.