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Save Southern History and Heritage

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On behalf of proud Tennessee and Franklin residents I would like to propose the  safety and protection of ALL historical monuments in our wonderful state and towns. Recently there has been what seems like an overwhelming amount of people wanting to erase history by desecrating monuments to fallen generals and the soldiers who fought and died for their country. I see this as a huge disservice to those brave men who died for the love of their country. If we forget or condemn our history what will stop us from repeating the past?

During the Civil War more than 64,000 troops died just in Franklin, this includes 6 generals. The total casualties of the Civil War was near 700,000 and their memories deserve to live on and not be forgotten. Many will say these monuments stand for hate but I and many others disagree, these monuments stand for those who were proud Americans who fought for their country. These men deserve to be remembered and their names and for those who died whose names are unknown honored. If we start taking down these monuments where will it end? What will the fate be of the Confederate Cemetery? What will happen to the battle fields? It may start with just one monument but I ask again where will it end?

If we forget history and remove monuments to these men we are doing a disservice to their name, their sacrifice, and our history as Americans. While I understand some see these monuments and instead of history they instead see hate, well to those I say you do not understand. I say to those people calling for the removal of these monuments, you are helping insight hate. How would we feel if the monument to our WWII veterans if that monument, that honors the 16 million men that served and the 400,000 that lost their life for their country, was torn down? Why must we focus on hate? Every soldier deserves to be recognized for their scarifies regardless of the war they fought in. 

I ask all those who agree to stand with our historical monuments. Protect our history. Protect the right of those who have died to be remembered. I will end with this " Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it " George Santayanan 1863.

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