Justice For Dorian Harris

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March 29, 2018, Dorian Harris, 17, was shot and killed by the store clerk, Anwar Ghazali, on Springdale St. in Memphis TN. Dorian's death was a result of total disregard of human life by greedy non-residents who value merchandise more than black children. The North Memphis community is in fear if this store is permitted to reopen with the same business owner that it will place the other residents in danger as well as promote unrest and violence. The Springdale residents are requesting that this business be declared a public nuisance due to the severity and the heinous murder of a child. We are requesting all legal actions take place to ensure protection for their community. The grandmother request that the store becomes a laundry mat because the neighborhood could benefit from having it back to eliminate the bad elements which precipitated her grandson's death. Help us but telling everyone not to shop at 1127 Springdale {TOP STOP SHOP}. Please donate to our fund to bring a laundry mat to the community and launch the Rise Up North Memphis campaign which will revitalize and stabilize our community.